3 Level Set
Includes Levels 1, 2 and 3

Learn The Alphabet
This set is for kids who need to learn the sounds of the alphabet.

Level 1 Set
The first level of the program.

Level 2 Set
The second level of the program.

Level 3 Set
The third level of our program.

Extra Workbooks
For additional workbooks.

Preschool Phonics

Even with as little as 10 minutes a day, your child can take a leap from being a budding reader to a star reader…and enjoy each moment of the learning adventure. You yourself will be amazed at how fast your son or daughter can develop the skills and the passion for reading.

Introducing a phonics-based program that can do just that. Every lesson focuses on a single sound. To make the sessions enticing, the sound is taught using words, complete sentences and short stories. As the kid begins to get a grasp of the basics of phonics,  he/she will notice a huge improvement… a source of pride for you and your child.

One Moms Review:

Learn to Read with Skip and Daisy, unlike other programs, does not only concentrate on the ability to recognize words. It has been an established fact that memorization is not the same as reading. Your child will become proficient in reading when they learn this phonics method. Allowing them to be able to sound out any word they come across.

By completing every lesson, your child is sure to have their reading abilities and over-all self-confidence enhanced!

Learn more about this fun and effective phonics-based reading system now.

Learn The Sounds of The Alphabet

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